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Jennifer Summer is an award-winning artist, photographer and writer, living in Greater Cincinnati.  In early 2017, Jennifer learned she had metastatic breast cancer, and a golf ball sized tumor on her brain stem.  She was rushed into emergency surgery, and survived.  One more day, and Jennifer would likely have died.  Jennifer is the mother of an extraordinary teen, Dakota.  The Summer Family needs to raise a lot of extra money to continue to afford Jennifer's treatment, however the family does not expect any handouts.  Instead, Daniel Summer, Dakota's father and he, have produced this beautiful recording; an extravagant orchestral and tribal production of the hit song, You Raise Me Up.  We must pay the songwriters their royalties, however all other proceeds will be used to support Jennifer's new medical-related expenses.  Each version of the song is just $1.00, but you can pay extra, or download several versions to provide Jennifer with even more support. 


Jennifer can have many more years with her family if we continue her treatments.  Some of those treatments will require travel and lodging expenses, and of course, several prescriptions and procedures.  Jennifer will still be able to lead a happy and fulfilling life, as well as continue to create the beautiful art and images she is known for, with your help and support.  Please consider making at least one purchase, to support Jennifer's fight against cancer.  And give as much or little as you wish. 

Hundreds of musical instruments and voices are featured in this incredible song!

Lyrics by Brendan Graham.  Melody by Rolf Lovland.  

Studio Recordings Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Daniel Summer

Musical Arrangements Composed by Daniel Summer

Recorded and Mixed at Natural Order Studios in Greater Cincinnati. 


Dakota Summer plays both Viola Solos.

Jim Roberts plays and engineers the recordings of 16 tracks of percussion, including: Bodrhan, Kenkeni, Rik, Udu, Djembe, Talking Drums, Low Gong, Maracas, Shakers, Shekere, Rainsticks and Shells, Vibraslap, Clave and Cymbal Swells. 

Daniel Summer plays Drumset, Surdo, Taiko, Kanjira, Udu, Congas, Bongos, Shakers, Caxixi, Shekere, Tamborine, Triangle, Shells, Maracas, Claves, Chimes, Fretless Bass, Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Kalimba, Auto Harp, Dulcimer, all Vocals, Background and Choir Voices, Uilleann Pipes, and the Orchestra, which includes:






















You Raise Me Up - Sustaining Jennifer.                                                     

Sound Recording Copyright 2019. Summer.   All Rights Reserved.   

Published by Universal Music Group Publishing. 2002.

Publishing Royalties Administered by The Harry Fox Agency.

All Rights Secured through Synchronization License and Royalty Administration.

32 Primo Violini (first violins)

28 Secondo Violini (second violins)

24 Violi (violas)

18 Violincelli (cellos)

10 Contrabbasso di Violini (basses)

10 Flautas (flutes)

8 Oboe (oboes)

8 Clarineti (clarinets)

6 Fagotti (bassoons)

4 Contrafagotti (contrabassoons)

8 Trombi (trumpets)

8 Corno de Francese (French horns)

6 Tromboni (trombones)

4 Tubi (tubas)

4 Arpa (harps)

Glockenspiel & Orchestra Bells

as well as the featured Flute, Bassoon, Cello, English Horn, Violin, French Horn, and Tenor Saxophone melodies within the instrumentals.

© 2019 Summer